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Wool trousers

We offer suitpants made out of fine fiber wool, or a thicker fabric(to be worn all-year long). Suit pants are perfect for formal, half-formal, and business events. We design two models of pants, which we call Cesare and Barnaba.  Cesare pants are classic slim-fit high-waist pants with a tapered leg. They accentuate the client’s shape by creating a straight line.  Barnaba style pants are a bit more loose around the hips and thighs. Compared to Cesare, our Barnaba pantswill introduce classical elegance to the look, creating regular proportions. Just like in Cesare pants, Barnaba pants’ leg is tapered as well.  We also offer Barnaba II pants, which also feature a single pleat in the front. When it comes to the colors we decided to go for the classics – navy, gray and brown, which makes the pants go with most jackets. We also make sure that our fabrics are of highest quality; they are imported form Italy or England (and therefore we also offer checked items – Prince of Wales check, windowpane check, houndstooth check, or striped fabrics). 

Wool trousers

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