Benevento pants’ style -  slim and regular fit.

Designing the pants, we took a couple of factors into consideration. Adjusting the style to the local men’s shape, applying the rules of classic elegance, and meeting our customer’s needs. 

We decided to create two kinds of pants – Barnaba and Cesare, which fit most men.

Barnaba Regular fit pants:

The Benevento Barnaba pants could be defined as regular-fit pants. They are a bit more loose around the hips, which makes them a great choice for bigger men, with wider thighs. This kind of pants is also a good option for slim men, who seek clothes referring to classic elegance, which leaves slim fit pants for the sake of more loose solutions. The legs of the pants are tapered, which creates a modern yet classy look.

Barnaba II Regular fit pants – pleated cuffed pants

Barnaba II pants have been designed with a couple extra features, such as: a single pleat in the front or a cuffed leg, which makes them very fashionable, referring to the style of men’s pants from the beginning of the 20th century, when the streets of London were full of wider pleated and cuffed pants. The trend has become popular yet again. Barnaba II pants will change your image completely and make you look like a real gentleman. 

Cesare – slim-fit pants

Our Cesare style pants are more fitted and will look best on a slim man. They accentuate the body, but are not too tight at the same time, which guarantees a modern Italian - like look. The legs of the pants are tapered.