How it all started.

We created Benevento as we strongly believe that men’s pants, being a base of a man’s closet, deserve more attention. Up to now pants have been treated as a rather unnecessary piece of garment, and we are confident that now it’s the time to change it. We established Benevento to create a good quality product at a reasonable price – we want the price to reflect the quality of the product, so that the client receives the best service at the lowest possible price.  

We are not only partners in business, but also in private life, we have been working in the fashion industry for over 12 years. Running a sewing business allowed us not only to gain experience, but also reassured us that we should make use our potential and create best quality men’s pants. Our pant’s style is continuously being improved. The pants are being verified according to the current trends in fashion, but also our clients’ needs. We have been on the market for 30 years now and managed to sew over a million pairs of pants, including not only wholesale orders for major men’s clothing brands in Poland, Germany, and the United Kingdom, but also retail ones for our individual clients. Such a big experience allowed us to create the perfect cut of pants, which’ll not only accentuate the body, but also mask its flaws. We are experts in this niche, and therefore we have an opportunity to take the best care of every detail of our work. Our dream of creating the best quality pants in Poland comes true everyday, and being able to improve the product with you everyday is a challenge that we love to take up. We are positive that our modern attitude to classic elegance is the pillar of our brand and we would love to develop the concept together with our customers.

What is Benevento stands for.

We are family based manufacture focused on making trousers. We make small collections just to make sure everything is perfect. 

We stand for sustainability

We stand for traceability

We stand for quality over quantity 


We use only highest quality fabrics – we purchase natural fabrics from verified manufacturers. Our suit pants are made out of both fine fiber wool – 120s, as well as (in autumn-winter season) thicker flannel wool – 218-300g/m2. In the summer our pants are made out of linen, which we import from Great Britain. We also offer a few kinds of cotton, as well as classic denim that we create our regular-fit Barnaba II pants from.

Manufacturing process

We are a small family-run company, which has been sewing men’s pants for over 30 years now. As our products are not manufactured in huge sewing factories, we can set our prices at a relatively low level, taking the quality of the product into consideration. We also supervise the production personally, controlling every stage of the process. We are both creators and manufacturers, which gives us unlimited possibilities to create highest quality products, without having to resign from anything.