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Trousers Made To Order

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Design your trousers with made to order options, add features like double pleats, leg cuffs, wide waistband, side adjusters and choose fabrics from flannel/wool ( Drago Spa, Vitale Barberis Canonico) corduroy (Brisbane Moss), cotton (Brisbane Moss), linen (Brisbane Moss, Ulster Weavers). 

If you are out of our size chart we can make the size you need in MTO system.


To order MTO trousers, simply click add to card  this MTO product and we will contact you to establish the design details and fabrics. 

You can also write us an email at with all details you would like to have in trousers.

Trousers will be ready and ship in 30 days.

*Trousers made in MTO system can not be returned as custom made product.


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