Barnaba II Sartorial Line Brown Flannel

Barnaba II Sartorial Line Brown Flannel

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The passion for "Sartoria Italiana" has motivated us to create trousers with Bespoke's details associated with made-to-measure that are unique in ready-to-wear world. We called this idea Sartorial line.

Details inspired from neapolitan tailors in Classic Barnaba II fit trousers:

- side adjusters to make trousers with uninterrupted lines

- after-dinner split to allow more movement of the fabric at the waist

- high quality cotton trimmed lining

- all our wool trousers are lined to the knee to support the outer fabric and let it slide easily when you sit down.

- decorative and functional waist curtain called Cintella Sartoriale which supports your waist and correctly follow hips shape.

- battitacco which reinforces fabric in the base of leg opening