sartorial linen trousers with high rise and waist adjusters and pleated front
Sartorial Double Pleated Linen Trousers Navy

Sartorial Double Pleated Linen Trousers Navy

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Double pleated linen trousers made from finest Irish linen from Spence Bryson in our signature Barnaba II fit with a high rise, wide two-button waistband, and side adjusters. 

Sartorial details relate to tailoring, here we add an extended wide waistband with two-button closure to make this pair of trousers a true piece of craftsmanship that we represent. 

Each pair of trousers are designed with a classic silhouette and gently tapered leg.

We suggest finishing this impeccably constructed pant with a 5 cm cuff that will work well whether you're wearing it with leather sandals for a luxury summer look or a dressier loafers. 


- side adjusters

- 29 cm high rise

- extended wide waistband with two buttons

- double reverse pleats

- Spence Bryson Irish linen

- 255g linen

-made in Poland

*Please note that this trouser is sold with an unfinished hem of 91 cm inseam which will finish plain to a maximum 36" and with a 5 cm turn-up to a maximum 34”.

To finish with desired leg length and cuff contact us after ordering at


Please note : Personalized trousers cannot be returned and refunded. Click here for more info.