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Trousers are an inseparable element of a men's wardrobe. Perfect fitted trousers make men's silhouette looks better thus a man feels better. It is very important to choose the right fit of trousers, the right lenght of trousers and perfect waist size. Classic men's pants with pleats and cuffs are making men's business image more appealing. Classic style is back. Trousers with pleats or high-rise trousers leg cuffs are most wanted now. How to choose between pleated trousers and flat front trousers? It depends on what your style is. Looking for more vintage attire, go for regular fit trousers with pleats. Then choose single pleats, reverse pleats, inverted pleats or forward pleats. Pleated trousers gives you more room in thigh and it is most comfortable for men with musculine silhouette. But today's gentleman might wear pleats on trousers every day. Adding 5 cm cuffs make the whole look very stylish and gentleman like. Every time you look at Pitti Uomo you see those new lines of trousers, rather regular, with pleats in front and possibly with cuffs. That's a goal for a gentleman with class today. If you go for cotton trousers you can choose white trousers with pleats and side adjusters and look just as if you're back from Firenze. 

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